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Type 5 : Red range automotive PK-452 and reissue PK-451 - 2 Pix
Type 5 : Red range automotive PK-452 and reissue PK-451 - 2 Pix
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Tour 04 : PK-2008
For the ScaleModelWorld show at Telford UK in November 2008, the members of the Classic British Kits SIG collaborated in a massive build of all Matchbox kits that were available in 1978. This started off with the simple question "So what are we doing for SMW 2008?". After a long discussion on the UAMF forum the theme for 2008 was finally confirmed as PK-2008 Matchbox 1978. 2008 meant a 30 year anniversary for the kit range of 1978. That was the last year Matchbox was without the AMT input and was, therefore, a Classic British institution. The pictures show an impression of what PK-2008 looked like at Telford November 15 and 16, 2008. Many pictures on this site have originated from this group build. Many thanks! Note: The CBK SIG is hosted on the Unofficial Airfix Modellers Forum.
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    Tour 04 : PK-2008

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