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Type 6 - 1984 or later - Revamped kits with new logo - 1 Pic
Type 6 - 1984 or later - Revamped kits with new logo - 1 Pic
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Tour 08 : Impulse puzzles
In 1976 Jigsaw puzzles appeared on the market under the brand name "Impulse". Impulse featured "action puzzles" which consisted of a selection of Matchbox boxart as drawn by Roy Huxley. These typically depict the early types of boxart when the display of violence was not yet removed from anything considered a toy. Hence "action" puzzle.
In December 2012, Derek Stowe shared his first hand experience of how the whole idea emerged. Read the details in
"The Impulse Puzzles story".
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    Tour 08 : Impulse puzzles

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